Aired 3/25/21 - OJ is a household name but does the younger generation know OJ?  We find out if Corby's kids know.

A collection of songs Dingu has given us over the years

Aired 2/13/20 - When it comes to Rocky movies, or just Stallone movies in general, Bob is not a fan.  However, try telling that to Corby's boys.  Bob ...View Details

Corby’s Golf Prank

Aired on 10/25/19 - Corby talks about a golf prank that nearly ruined another human being....but as pranks go, this one was pretty good. 

1/12/05 - Greggo returns after spending a few weeks in rehab.  This was one of the first moments where the crew noticed that Greggo might have bigger ...View Details

2004 WB Shows

Aired 9/29/04 - As the fall season starts, WB drops a few trailers for their shows: Dawson's Creek, Felicity, and Gilmore Girls.  Of course, Mike hate...View Details

Aired in 2004 - With big events coming up and The Ticket getting big name guests, they always seem to leave out The Hardline.  So, changes were made

Aired 8/3/11 - While at Cowboys Training camp, the valet at the Courtyard by Marriot accidently wrecked Mike's car.  As an on-air bit, Corby wanted Mi...View Details

Aired on 2/15/11 - Doyle King stops by to talk about the time he took his wife on a wrecker chase.

Suitgate 2

Aired 4/3/04 - Corby and Danny get back at Mike and Greggo after surviving Suitgate.  So, they present to you:  Suitgate 2!

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